Ray Elementary School

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STAAR Testing going on May 8-10...no visitors on campus during the testing days. If you pre-ordered your child's yearbook...please send payment with them by Wednesday, May 10th.
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Ray Elementary Counselor
Academic Counseling

Students and their parents are encouraged to talk with a school counselor, teacher or principal to learn more about course offerings, graduation requirements, and early graduation procedures. Each spring, students in grades 5 through 11 will be provided information on anticipated course offerings for the next school year and other information that will help make the most academic and vocational opportunities.

Personal Counseling

The school counselor is available to assist students with a wide range of personal concerns, including such areas as social, family, or emotional issues, or substance abuse. The counselor may also make available information about community resources to address these concerns. A student who wishes to meet with the counselor should make an appointment with the counselor.

Guidance Curriculum:
Helping students develop competency in essential life skills such as: self-confidence, motivation, decision-making, goal-setting, communication, interpersonal skills, cross-cultural skills, and responsible behavior. This is achieved through classroom lessons and units.

Responsive Services:
This includes group and individual counseling for students whose personal concerns or problems may disrupt their educational, emotional, social, or personal growth as well as consultations with teachers, parents, and administration.

Individual Planning:
Assisting students in managing their own educational, personal, and social development.

System Support:
Support teachers and parents by serving as a consultant and referral source when it comes to the promotion of student growth. Support also involves coordinating services for students.