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STAAR Testing going on May 8-10...no visitors on campus during the testing days. If you pre-ordered your child's yearbook...please send payment with them by Wednesday, May 10th.
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Newsletter for April 1st

What we are learning this week:
Reading: We will continue to make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of fiction.
Writing: We will generate ideas and write a personal narrative.
Math: We will review concepts taught in the 3rd nine weeks and take an asssesment.
Social Studies: We will explore how technology has changed our lives today.
Science: We will observe, record, and compare the frog life cycle to that of other animals.
Dates to Remember:
April 4th- report cards sent home
April 12th- bad weather day/no school
April 23rd-field trip to Zilker Botanical Gardens
April 26th- father/son game night 6-8pm
Spelling Words
Lions- chin, chick, chop, chum, much, such, chat, chap, chew, chill
Bears- plug, plum, plant, plate, plus, plot, plop, plane, lock, pan
Giraffes- rock, hot, spot, chop, sock, job, pot, mop, shop, pop
Zebras- first, third, shirt, skirt, fire, tire, flier, drier, hire, chirp
Thank you and have a great week!!!

Newsletter for March 25th

What we are learning this week:
Reading: We will understand, make inferences, and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of fiction.
Writing: We will generate ideas and write a story about a personal experience.
Social Studies: We will finish discussing the importance of goods and services and start getting ready for our Market on Thursday.
Math: We will continue learning about fractions and their parts. We will also identify events as certain or impossible.
Science: We will conduct experiments using chicken eggs (not the ones we plan to hatch:)) 
Spelling words this week are Easter words for everyone-Test is on Thursday
1. bunny
2. hop
3. Easter
4. egg
5. hunt
6. basket
7. candy
8. Peeps
9. chick
10. spring
Dates to remember:
-March 25-28th- Book Fair
-March 29th-No School/Good Friday
-April 4th- Report cards sent home
-April 5th- Awards Assembly @ 1:30
Have a great week and a wonderful Easter!!
Natalie Van Schyndle
First Grade
Ray Elementary

Newsletter for March 18th

What we are learning this week:

Reading/Writing-We will research and write about different types of habitats.

Math-We will explore equal shares by dividing shapes into 2, 3, and 4 parts.

Science-We will explore and observe ways that young animals often resemble their parents.

Social Studies-We will review basic human needs and goods and services. We will also gain an understanding about markets/shops and begin planning for our own market.

Upcoming Dates:

March 20th- McRay Night from 5-8pm

March 25-28- Book Fair

March 29th- Good Friday/No School

April 4th-Report cards sent home

April 4th- Awards assemblies @ 1:30pm

Spelling Words:

Lions- ship, shop, shed, dish, mash, shot, shut, rush, push, dash

Bears- snap, snow, swim, scab, scoot, swat, swish, sweep, sweet, snug

Giraffes- dish, rich, kick, flip, swim, five, drive, nine, hike, like

Zebras- germ, her, fear, near, year, dear, cheer, steer, earth, learn


Have a great week!!

Newsletter for March 4th

What we are learning this week:

Reading/Writing-We will continue our research on plants and write a "How To" plant a seed.

Math- We will be exploring 3-D shapes and their attributes.

Social Studies-We will explore symbols of Texas.

Science-We will review the basic needs of plants and animals and focus on how plants and animals depend on each other and the environment.


Dates to Remember:

March 6th-Parent University 6-7:30

March 8th-Texas Day

March 11th-15th Spring Break

March 20th-McRay Night 5-8

March 25th-27th-Book Fair

March 29th-Good Friday/No School


Spelling Words

Lions-lip, rip, zip, dig, pig, wig, hill, mill, pill, will

Bears-spill, spot, spit, skip, sky, small, risk, smog, spoon, smell

Giraffes-fast, mad, last, flat, crab, name, gate, make, rake, same

Zebra-part, start, sharp, harm, care, stare, pair, hair, chair, fair

Newsletter for Feb. 25th

What we are learning:

Reading/Writing- We will be using nonfiction text to research plants.  We will create an "all about" book about plants.

Math: We will continue to use problem solving strategies to solve word problems.

Science: We will continue our study of plants.

Social Studies: We will explore economics, and the concepts of consumers and producers.

Spelling Words:

Lions- bug, tug, rug, sun, run, bun, cut, shut, hut, plug

Bears- stem, stop, sting, best, past, last, must, lost, most, step

Giraffes- tape, make, bee, tree, kite, bike, bone, zone, blue, glue

Zebra- wave, jail, feast, please, bright, dry, soak, glow, rule, juice

Upcoming Dates:

March 8- Texas Day!

March 11-15- Spring Break!

April 23- Field Trip to Zilker Gardens (more info to come)!


Please check out www.learning.com!!

Your child's username is their lunch number; their password is their birthdate (mmddyyyy).

Have a great week!

Newsletter for Feb. 18th

What we are learning:

Reading/Writing: We will be researching and writing about a favorite animal.

Math: We will be problem solving using a variety of strategies.

Science: We will learn about the parts of a plant and function of plants, with a focus on identifying and comparing roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.

Social Studies: We will learn about the presidents including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Dates to Remember:

Feb. 21st- Progress reports sent home

March 11th-15th- Spring Break

March 29th- Good Friday/No School


Spelling Lists:

Lions: net, pet, wet, beg, peg, leg, hen, pen, ten, jet

Bears: shot, ship, chin, chat, whip, that, they, much, with, bath

Giraffes: sled, nest, leg, vest, bed, sleep, jeep, tree, free, seal

Zebras: kind, fist, blind, find, lost, most, both, told, cost, mind


Thanks and have a great week!!

Mrs. VanSchyndle